Community Enrichment with Reading

Grove's fundraising for Book Aid International

As part of our mission to encourage Grove children to practice their learning from PSHE and RE lessons, specifically around the themes of generosity and kindness, before Christmas we asked parents and carers to donate to our yearly charity collection, to promote the importance of Reading to our children. 

We then asked all classes to suggest a book, which they’ve enjoyed reading as part of the selection of a number of books and reading materials, to donate to Book Aid International. 

Both parents, carers, staff and children loved contributing their efforts to sending a variety of books, to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

Books are a beautiful way of bringing communities together, and The Grove have really shown how much we value and promote reading to educate and bring happiness to everyone. 

Thank you so much and well done all.

The Grove visits to Arbury Court Library

As part of developing a passion for reading and buzz around books, The Grove aim to encourage the children to take interest in our local community through reading aloud with new people.

One of our recent journeys was to The Grove’s local library, Arbury Court. We popped in one afternoon, taking our completed forms with us, so that we could get ourselves Cambridgeshire library cards. (Please ask Miss Lee-Fox if you would like one of these forms to get a family library card!) 

The children had a wonderful and sociable time, discussing new and old books, taking part in ‘book-blether’ ranging from making inferences about the picture books to questioning and making links between the themes of graphic novels and chapter books, with parents, their teachers and school staff. 

There is a huge range of books including a number of non-fiction books and magazines and children’s newspapers. 

It really was a fantastic opportunity and we look forward to our return in the next half of the Spring term.