Curriculum Overview

Provision at The Grove Primary School

Through consultation with pupils, parents and governors and extensive meetings involving the whole staff body, we have redesigned our school curriculum.

Our enriching curriculum provides a broad range of inspirational learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.  We engage children in their learning through interesting and relevant themes which cover the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum. The Grove Curriculum also reflects our school vision and values and prepares children to play an important role as responsible and active citizens of Kings Hedges, Cambridge, Britain and the world.

Our curriculum roots of ‘Curiosity,’ ‘Community’ and ‘Environment’ are at the heart of our curriculum and during each learning theme; opportunities will be planned for children to explore and personally develop in these areas.

Please also note the following:

  • Parents have a right to withdraw their child from Religious Education. Parents are requested to write to the Headteacher to request that a child does not take part in Religious Education lessons. Children would still take part in daily assembly but not the part that is concerned with a corporate Act of Worship. Parents are also entitled to withdraw their child from Sex Education but not the part of this that is covered by the Science Curriculum. Parents should again put this request in writing to the Headteacher.
  • The swimming programmes of study are covered in this school across all year groups from Foundation Stage to Year 6 as we are fortunate to have our own indoor pool. Children usually receive approximately six weeks of swimming per year.

Learning is richly enhanced by making learning links with outside providers such as The Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettle’s Yard and the University. Visitors are also used to help children extend their knowledge and understanding.

Teachers at The Grove know children learn better when they are excited and engaged and we are constantly looking to provide stimulating and motivating learning opportunities.