Early Years Foundation Stage

At The Grove, we believe that all children are individuals who will have their own, unique learning journey. We are committed to giving our children the best start in their education and recognise the pivotal importance these early experiences can have on future learning and development. We seek to develop the ‘whole’ child and ensure that all our children become curious, independent and active learners who are ready for Key Stage 1.

We want to captivate our youngest learners from their first day and support them to develop a lifelong thirst for learning. Our environment aims to provide a stimulating, engaging space where children can make choices about their learning, take risks, try new things and be creative. Through their positive interactions with adults and peers they are supported to become independent, confident and curious individuals who embrace new learning opportunities and are not afraid to challenge themselves.

We aim to achieve this through:

  • a rich, enabling environment
  • purposeful, engaging learning opportunities
  • fostering positive relationships with adults, peers and the wider community
  • recognising and supporting each child’s individual needs and interests