Fair Trade Conference

9th March 2016

A group of Yr 5 pupils were our representatives at the first Fair trade Conference for Schools hosted by the Leys School. Nadia, Julia, Keira, Eliza and Alastair took part in the conference which taught them about the progress of Fair trade industries around the world and how they benefit those local communities.

 Together with Mrs. Cowe they learned about how Pamela who works in a KoolSkools Fair trade-certified garment factory in Mauritius. Her life has been greatly improved since the came to work at this factory. There she works in safe conditions, has time to rest and is paid fairly for her labour. On top of this, Fair trade workers have a say in how some of the profits of their business are used to benefit the whole local community; this could be for example providing eye clinics, developing schools or providing clean drinking water.

 Next they found out who makes the sports balls that we play with. We had an opportunity to make our own hand-made footballs  from carrier bags and string before exploring Fair trade options for purchasing sports balls. Making balls together was fun and we had a go at using them too!

 Later we were introduced to the producer stories behind different foods that we consume.  We explored the journey of cocoa production in detail, from bean to bar. We also saw how choosing Fair trade can contribute to the lives of those who produce our food.

 Everyone attending the conference learned much from being there and look forward to sharing what we have found out with the rest of the school.