Grafham Water Trip

12th October 2015
Mrs Vince telephoned to say that everyone arrived safely, they have had their health and safety talk and are very excited.   The children have all commented on the beautiful scenery and are looking forward to their first activity and lunch!
The children had a lovely lunch, and are now doing their first activity - high ropes and raft building.  They are all trying really hard and working well together as a team.

An update from Grafham Water Centre!

Well – we’ve been here for over 24 hours now and the children are being wonderful, joining in with enthusiasm – despite the brisk and quite chilly wind! 

Some of the children have enjoyed high ropes and crate stacking where they were all incredibly brave, including Mr Ricketts (I really couldn’t have gone as high as them). The other group has built (and sunk, I believe) a raft made of barrels. Then last night after a delicious dinner of cottage pie or vegetable bake we were all blindfolded in the dark and the children had to guide themselves around an obstacle course in the woods – fantastic fun! This was followed by problem solving – which was thankfully indoors in the warm – lots of sleepy faces during that activity. 

This morning, after a good nights sleep (on the whole), where the majority of the children were asleep by 10.30pm (the girls floor were all asleep by 9.30), we enjoyed a hearty breakfast (cereals, porridge, scrambled egg and toast – you could choose what you preferred) and one group has spent the morning canoeing and fossil hunting, whilst the other group have being building dens, making campfires and learning archery. The groups will swap activities this afternoon! 

Hopefully I will be able to get another update posted before we leave – the Wi-Fi here is intermittent and not behaving well, I shall have to give it a stern telling off! 

See you all tomorrow

Mrs Vince, Mrs Proud, Mr Ricketts and the children at Grafham Water Centre