Woodcraft Folk visit

31st January 2018
On Wednesday 31st January Lauren, from the Woodcraft Folk visited our school. She introduced the Woodcraft Folk by explaining what they do and where they are based. Lauren explained that Woodcraft is not specifically working with wood, it is more about learning survival skills and suggested it was similar to ‘Bushcraft.’
The key point Lauren talked about in assembly was the importance of friendship and togetherness. This was the underlying theme for all of the activities that the Woodcraft Folk do. Lauren explained how all of the activities develop children’s core skills such as patience, turn-taking, tolerance, teamwork and communication. Year 5 spent some of the morning taking part in Woodcraft Folk activities run by Lauren. They played lots of games which tested those skills and made them think carefully how to solve problems.
Year 4 spent time working with Lauren to build shelters using recycled materials. This linked with their D&T project for this half term. They had to make their shelters a specific size and collaborate as a group to be successful. Drawing upon knowledge they already had, the children worked well together to construct their shelters and set up a mini-campsite in the middle of the hall. Afterwards they played some traditional Woodcraft Folk games.
Lauren’s visit was so inspiring and the children were excited and engaged with all of their activities. Each child was given a flier with information about how they can become involved in Woodcraft Folk outside school. Groups are running in Cambridge and are inclusive of all age groups. There is a small cost per session but we feel that this is such a fantastic opportunity for children to try something different, have fun, make new friends, and build on their skills.
If this is something your child may be interested in then please visit their website for more information. https://www.woodcraft.org.uk/ We have spare copies of the fliers in the front office with Lauren’s details on. She is looking forward to hearing from you.