Sedgwick Museum Visit - Year 3

28th September 2016

On Wednesday 28th September Kookaburra and Kiwi classes went to The Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge as part of our ‘We Will Rock You’ topic. We had a brilliant time learning the difference between archaeology and geology; the education officer Nicola made a timeline to demonstrate just how long ago The Stone Age was and how much time there was before humans even existed. The children loved the challenge of working out which end of the museum was the oldest and holding flint that was 90 million years old. We were all amazed by the size of the iguanodon model and couldn’t believe how enormous the deer antlers were! How on earth did Stone Age man feel brave enough to hunt them?   The journey upstairs on a double decker bus was another highlight for us all!

Many children thought the museum was so interesting that they want to take their own families to visit soon. The children were very well behaved and were a credit to The Grove.  Well done Year 3.