The Whole Body Project

2nd October 2017

On Monday 2nd October, Year 6 had a visit from local nutritionist Eddie Halls from The Whole Body Project to teach them all about macronutrients and the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. During the session they secured their understanding of the digestive system, how food is processed through our bodies and the different muscles and enzymes at work during this. It’s amazing how you can use a few pairs of tights and some scrunched up newspaper to demonstrate this!

They then learnt all about macronutrients – the fats, proteins and carbohydrates in our food. Looking at what they had eaten so far that day, they were able to calculate the amount they were consuming of each macronutrient group, thinking about what small tweaks they could make to ensure they are consuming a healthy, balanced diet.

Finally, it was time to look at getting the balance between diet and exercise right, including understanding the release and storage of energy. Now was the time to put this into practise! With the energy gained from food at lunchtime, Year 6 were put to the test as they competed in various team building activities, including ‘chain running’ and group squats – I don’t think their legs have yet to recover fully!

Well done, Year 6, on showing great curiosity and collaboration, and a real enjoyment for learning. I know you’re already thinking about whether you’re eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise – keep it up!