Year 3 Balloon Release

10th October 2016

On Monday 10th October Kookaburra and Kiwi class set 10 helium filled balloons free to observe the way they flew and to explore and collect ideas for our narrative writing based on ‘Tom and the Island of the Dinosaurs’ by Ian Beck.  The children came up with some wonderful vocabulary such as ‘soaring slowly’, sailing across the sky like a ship across the ocean’, ‘it was dancing in the sky’, ‘they disappeared into thin air into a tiny dot’, ‘soaring, gliding and floating back to the ground’.

A label with our address was attached to each balloon and we really hoped that one might be found one day. Only 8 hours later we were thrilled to receive a phone call from a gentleman who had found one of our balloons in Kemsing near Sevenoaks in Kent (over 60 miles away).  This morning we received an email and a photograph from a lady whose dog found another in Harold Wood Park in Essex which is 50 miles away! We are absolutely delighted and wonder if any more will be found.  We will keep you posted!