Year 5 & 6 Visit to Duxford Museum

1st October 2016

Years 5 and 6 went on a wonderful, informative trip to Duxford at the end of September to being their Blitz topic. Whilst there, they examined the different aircraft which were used during World War Two, including the training plane. Can you identify why they would paint this plane yellow? They also found out about the differences between two of the most famous planes from the era – the Spitfire and the Lancaster Bomber.

In one of the Hangars at Duxford, the children were also lucky enough to hear a first-hand recount of the Blitz from a gentleman who had lived in London at that time. Thankfully, he was soon evacuated to the countryside, and was also able to tell the children about what life was like as an evacuee.

The children came away with a lot to reflect upon, but also a deeper understanding of what life must have been like for children during World War Two, no matter where they lived in the country. Since returning to school, the children have been putting this knowledge into practise through their writing and topic work.