Year 6 Magistrate Court visit

10th June 2016


On Friday 10th June 2016, Year 6 went to the Cambridge Magistrates Court. To enter the building, we needed to go through security, unlucky - a few people beeped (oh no!).  During the morning, we learnt how the court system works and role played a trial. We looked at two court rooms - laws and court rooms have changed greatly over the years. During the  trial, Ffion and Louise were the Magistrates, Sheena was the defendant and Tom was the victim.  We also had the victim's parents, the defendant's parents, the Crown Prosecutor and the Usher amongst the cast! It went really well and the victim was awarded £135 compensation. The defendant pleaded guilty to stealing the phone, and so the punishment was slightly more lenient. It was such an exciting experience that we all wanted to stay for longer, and hope to go again.
Written by Ffion and Kilina