Clubs and Activities

Here at the Grove we have after school and morning clubs for the children to join. 

In accordance, with our Healthy Schools Status, many children are involved in Sports clubs that run at lunch time and after school.  We also offer a Nurture Group which enables the younger and older children to mix together in a caring and relaxed environment, developing their social skills and respect for one another through sharing and taking turns each lunch time.

Some of the clubs are being run by school staff and others by outside providers.  Below is a timetable of the clubs being offered during  the SpringTerm.


Activity Timetable for Spring Term 2018 - log on to your Agora account to book your child's place





 Rock Steady



 All years

 KS2 Football




 KS2 Choir




 KS1 Ball Skills



 Year 1 & 2

 KS2 Athletics