The Grove Goldfinches
To introduce ourselves - we are The Grove Primary School Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) and our official name is The Grove Goldfinches.   We are made up of a mixture of parents, teachers, teaching assistants, office staff and Pitstop staff.  We all have one thing in common, which is that we are really passionate about creating a great life experience for all of the children at The Grove.  
We aim to support the school by organising and running fun events for children, families and the community throughout the year. These events will raise funds for the school whether it be through tickets sales, raffles or refreshments that we sell.  
We would like to use the money that we raise to support extra curricular activities for pupils at The Grove and also fund bigger projects, which will be beneficial to all of our pupils over the longer term. Currently we are raising money for ‘big’ playground equipment once the new building work is done e.g. a large sandpit, exercise equipment etc.
Clare Cordel – Chair, The Grove Goldfinches
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Collaborate to Create
The PTFA are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a grant by the Big Lottery Fund to allow all Year 6 children to take part in a project called 'Collaborate to Create'. This will involve all the children being part of a year-long project to write, design and perform their own high quality puppet show, with the support of an external agency. The project is already in progress and the pupils are enjoying their work so far! Without this lottery funding, the project could not have gone ahead so the PTFA are pleased to be able to support the school in this way.
At the end of June, we held a highly popular Summer BBQ for children at The Grove and their families. The weather held out for us and everyone enjoyed a burger or hotdog whilst the children played on the bouncy castles and school field. It was a super social event and the PTFA were thrilled to see so many families attend and having fun.
How are we helping our children?
We are so excited about what the PTFA have acheived this term. WIth all the money we have raised over the last two years (which we couldn't do without all of your help and attendence at our events!), we've contributed a lot towards the school and events this term. We have:
1) Purchased the new trim trail 'rolling log'
2) Purchased the Sound Box that the children enjoy dancing to at playtime.
3) Contributed towards the Christmas Decoration Day, to allow this event to happen again, as it has grown so much and the school would struggle to fund it alone.
4) Bought Christmas Crackers for the school Christmas Lunch on 18th December.
Towards the end of this week, children in KS1 will be getting a wonderful new set of colourful and exciting playground markings. The area will include a 'phonics pond' and lots of other exciting and varied things for the children to use in lessons and at playtime. We are so pleased to see the money that has been raised being put to good use!
Christmas Fair - December 2017