General Information

We are excited to have everyone back on site again!  The school is a buzz with chatter, laughter and learning.  We hope that this will continue and that we will remain open for the rest of the academic year.

However, in the event that we have to ask a class or group of children to remain at home, this is where you can find information about our remote learning.

If your child is in Reception or Year 1, we will be using Seesaw as our online tool.  If your child is in Year 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 then we will be using Microsoft Teams as our online tool.  You will have been emailed information about how to access and login into these apps in the past, but if you have any problems, please just contact us.

 Learning will be uploaded to these apps for your child to complete.  This will include:

  •        A timetable for the week along with an overview of each lesson which will be uploaded by 3pm on Friday afternoon
  •        Daily English and Maths lessons (including online presentations) which will be uploaded by 8:30 each morning (Monday to Friday)
  •        Presentations, resources and guidance for other lessons (e.g. Science, History, Geography, French etc.) which will be uploaded daily according to the timetable.

Your child will be expected to upload the learning that they have completed at the end of each day so that the teacher can mark and assess this learning.  If necessary, they will then be in contact via email the following day to provide further challenge or support based on their assessments.

We will also ensure that the teachers are in regular contact with all children to encourage and motivate them.  This will be through email and phone calls. 

Additional technical information about using our remote learning apps can be found on the 'technical information' pages but if you have any queries regarding remote learning, please contact your child's teacher via the class email address.  This has the following format

 Should you have any difficulty accessing the online resources for whatever reason, then please contact the school office ( as soon as possible so that an alternative solution can be found.

 We thank you very much for your patience and support as we try to provide all our children with the best education in these challenging times.